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Glenn M. Skibsted 

Glenn M. Skibsted is a contemporary Norwegian artist whose paintings are characterised by a figurative expression with touches of modern elements.

Human nature, light and environment are the basis of my work. Portrayed in scenes of everyday life where thinking, feeling and acting is something that naturally bonds us all. The aim is to recall, reveal and make available essential emotions and traits that often can be left to fade away. Whether they come from our ethnological background or whether they have been shaped by environmental/surrounding influences they all are elements of human nature, defining our choices, impulses. The final result of my research is aimed to challenge the viewer both esthetically and emotionally.


As a reference to something that “Le Corbusier” once said - I want my work to be a thought that reveals itself without word or sound, but solely by means of shapes, which stand in a certain relationship to one another.  


To conclude I would like to say that my wish is to plant a seed. From there on the seed will grow, personalized by every individual.


From solo exhibition in 2018.

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